The Kitchen Cabinet Color Trends in 2024 Worth Paying Attention to

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June 14, 2024

The heart of the home is getting a vibrant makeover inside the homes of many who are making a modern interior leap in 2024, with kitchen cabinets embracing new and lively hues. Many homeowners are deciding to move away from the safety of common neutrals, to bring personality and energy into their culinary spaces. From the warm glow of terracotta to the refreshing splash of sea glass green, these are the cabinet colors that are turning functional spaces into conversation starters. Shades of deep blues and even sun-kissed yellows are transforming kitchens into works of art. The upcoming year promises a visual feast with a shift towards more daring and exciting color choices.

Organic Greens Take the Lead

In 2024, kitchen cabinets are going green – but not just any green. It’s all about organic, earthy greens that bring a touch of the outdoors inside. Think hues that evoke a serene walk in a lush forest or the tranquility of a well-tended garden. These tones whisper nature’s calm into the heart of your home.

    Sage Serenity: A soft, muted green that feels like a breath of fresh air.

    Olive Oasis: A deeper, earthier green that offers warmth and sophistication.

    Mint Magic: A light, revitalizing shade that energizes the space.

Incorporating these colors can mean more than just paint. Look for cabinet materials and finishes that highlight natural textures, and pair them with sustainable, quality materials to truly bring the outside in. This trend is a nod to the natural world and the calming embrace of nature.

The New Light Neutrals

Threshold Taupe from Dura Supreme

So, we said “many” and not “all”, because some homeowners are choosing to swap out their classic neutrals for a couple other timeless pair-all’s. The latest kitchen cabinet colors are redefining neutrals with the rise of cream and taupe. These shades bring warmth and subtle sophistication, offering a fresh take on light neutrals that go beyond traditional white, beige and gray. While stronger, vibrant trending cabinet colors can come and go, these options offer play a long run game, giving homeowners a shade that will continue to pair with almost anything if they decide to update other elements inside their homes in the future.

    Cream Calm: A warm, creamy hue that creates a soft and inviting atmosphere. Perfect for those who want a light and airy feel without the starkness of white.

    Taupe Tranquility: A versatile, earthy tone that adds depth and elegance to any kitchen. Taupe’s rich undertones make it ideal for both modern and classic designs.

These hues maintain the versatility of traditional neutrals but with a twist that adds depth and character. They pair beautifully with various decor styles, from modern farmhouse to Scandinavian minimalist, offering a refreshing palette for a contemporary update. Dura Supreme offers beautiful, high quality cabinetry options in these trendy neutral tones, ideal for updating any kitchen.

Bold Blues: From Navy to Sky

Blue cabinets. Again? Absolutely, if there’s one non-neutral color that between shades, has something for almost anyone, this might be the pick. Blues and browns, blues and whites, even blue on blue cabinets, continue to enchant homeowners with their timeless appeal and refreshing charm. There’s a shade of blue that goes with just about every kind of popular cabinetry hardware material and color, like coppers, mattes, golds, making the selection process even easier. The spectrum of blues for 2024 is continuing to captivate kitchens with its versatile palette:

    Navy Blue: A sophisticated, deep hue that grounds the space.

    Cerulean: Balances serenity with a playful touch.

    Teal: Combines the calming aspects of blue with the vitality of green.

    Sky Blue: Introduces lightness and an airy feel.

Sunset Tones

Kitchens are warming up in 2024 with sunset tones making a bold return. These hues, reminiscent of twilight skies, range from rich terracottas to soft blush pinks. They bring a cozy, inviting atmosphere perfect for the heart of the home. Cabinet doors in these shades pair beautifully with natural wood or brass accents, creating a harmonious balance. Sunset tones aren’t just a trend; they celebrate warmth and timeless appeal.

Making a Statement with Black Cabinets

At no surprise, homeowners are finding new ways to embrace the elegance of black cabinets. Paired with trending cabinet styles like Scandinavian minimalism to modern aluminum frames, black exudes sophistication and makes a bold statement that complements various design aesthetics. It's extensive advantages stem from the following ideas:

    Timeless Appeal: Black cabinets stand the test of time, making them a savvy long-term choice.

    Versatile Backdrop: They can be a dramatic backdrop for colorful accessories or muted with neutral countertops and fixtures.

    Depth and Dimension: Black enhances the perception of space and can make smaller kitchens appear larger.

    Bold Contrasts: Pairing black cabinets with light woods or metallic accents creates a captivating visual effect.

    Matte or Gloss: Whether in a sleek matte finish or a glossy sheen, black cabinets adapt to personal preferences while maintaining their striking impact.

Two-Toned Cabinets: Mixing and Matching Colors for Depth and Interest

Two-toned cabinets are all about creativity and expression, and highlighting one of the top 2024 trends. This look can be achieved in a number of ways, from separating colors by the wall they are based on, to top and bottom color separation, or simply surrounding your kitchen island theme with a balanced, harmonious shade. Designers are pairing bold hues with neutral tones, wood tones or even contrasting colors to create a striking visual effect.

    Navy Blue and Soft Gray: For a balanced and sophisticated look.

    Rich Green and Creamy White: Evoking nature's tranquility.

    Dark Charcoal and Warm Terracotta: Adding earthy depth to your space.

This trend lets you personalize your kitchen, providing visual separation and a memorable statement. Thoughtfully selected contrasting colors create a unique aesthetic that stands out in your home.

The Return of Wood Tones

Walnut Fusion Kona by Fabuwood

Warm, inviting wood tones have been making a comeback and aren’t slowing down anytime soon it seems. With so many fresh and modern cabinetry styles, today’s manufacturers are making sure wood always stays at the forefront of modern picks. This trend emphasizes comfort and a connection to nature in the heart of the home.

    Honeyed Hues: Soft, golden tones offer a sun-kissed feel that’s both uplifting and cozy.

    Rich Walnuts: Luxurious finishes lend an air of sophistication and earthiness.

    Weathered Grays: Perfectly balancing rustic charm with modern style.

    Mix and Match: Pairing light and dark wood tones creates visual interest and texture.

This blend of old and new creates a space where culinary magic and family memories come together. One of our popular vendors we offer our clients, Fabuwood, has a range of stunning wood tones that perfectly capture this trend, adding exactly the charm and modern elegance anybody considering wood could want in their kitchen.

Personalization is Key in 2024's Color Trends

As 2024’s kitchen cabinet color trends unfold, one theme stands out—personalization. Homeowners are moving beyond standard palettes, tailoring spaces to reflect their unique personalities. Whether through bold statement hues, serene earthy tones, or the warmth of mixed wood finishes, the emphasis is on creating a kitchen that feels intimately yours. This shift towards personalized color choices signals a broader movement towards bespoke interiors. Embrace these vibrant trends to make your kitchen authentically yours.

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